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See the Kathy Barnette tweets targeting Muslims, LGBTQ and Obama

Kathy Barnette, a Republican Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, has a social media history packed with anti-Muslim and anti-LGBTQ sentiments, as well as conspiracy theories about former President Obama.

Why it matters: Barnette’s social media posts have drawn scrutiny because she has garnered a lot of buzz in the closely watched Pennsylvania race, surprising — and frightening — many influential Republicans in Washington.

Driving the news: Former President Donald Trump warned Republicans Thursday that Barnette’s history will preclude her from winning a general election in Pennsylvania. Trump has endorsed celebrity TV doctor Mehmet Oz in the race.

Trump said there are many things that have “not been properly explained or vetted” about her past. But if they’re explained, she will have a “bright future” in the Republican party.Trump ally Steve Bannon told Axios that Barnette has resonated among the Republican base by not conceding her own 2020 House race loss.”Pennsylvania is MAGA v. ULTRA MAGA,” Bannon said.

Barnette told NBC News that Trump’s comments are a positive step forward and she is eager to work with the GOP.

“[W]e know that President Trump does not mince words,” she said. “He’s a very straight shooter. And I look forward to working with the president.””I look forward to working with them to win a very important seat. Not just in Pennsylvania, but for our nation,” she said.

Flashback: In tweets dating back to 2013, Barnette has attacked Islam and Muslims, and shared conspiracy theories that Obama was Muslim.

Several of Barnette’s tweets originated on Facebook. Many of the tweets contain links to now-deleted Facebook posts and videos.In one of the tweets, Barnette said “pedophilia is a cornerstone of Islam.”Yes, but: Barnette told NBC News, “I don’t think that’s me. I would never have said that. Okay, I would have never said that, because I don’t believe that.”

Muslims and Islam

Barnette’s tweets about Islam include her saying that “moderate Muslim(s)” are equal to “radical Muslim(s).”

Moderate Muslim = Radical Muslim! The only distinction is the one liberal politicians, progressive media, and…

— Kathy Barnette (@Kathy4Truth) December 16, 2014

@LindaSuhler They are all animals. We need to stop interacting with these monsters as if they r rational beings. They r not. Islam is not!

— Kathy Barnette (@Kathy4Truth) February 4, 2015

Of note: Barnette specifically attacked Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) because of her faith in a 2019 tweet.

#RashidaTlaib, a MUSLIM, said this about OUR President.

Aren’t you all so glad you voted in the first “openly” Palestinian Muslim? (Sarcasm for ya’ll who don’t get sarcasm).

Aren’t you so proud of how “tolerant”…

— Kathy Barnette (@Kathy4Truth) January 4, 2019

Conspiracy theories about Obama

Barnette’s tweets on Obama centered around the false claim that Obama, a Christian, is Muslim. Trump spent years making false claims about Obama’s faith and pushing “birther” conspiracies too.

@WayneDupreeShow @abcnews Obama is aMuslim. Doing Muslim like THINGS!

— Kathy Barnette (@Kathy4Truth) January 16, 2016

But Muslim Obama just told us again last night, that this terrorist thing is just media sensationalism. He said…

— Kathy Barnette (@Kathy4Truth) February 10, 2015

Nooooo! It’s not possible!!! Obama would NEVER lie or evade the American people. He’s a Muslim, errrr, American…

— Kathy Barnette (@Kathy4Truth) July 22, 2016

Don’t we get it? Obama is a Muslim!@WayneDupreeShow: US Official: US 2 Pardon or Drop Charges Against 7 Iranians in Exchange 4 Prisoner

— Kathy Barnette (@Kathy4Truth) January 16, 2016

Anti-LGBTQ statements

Barnette has also tweeted out anti-LGBTQ statements.

Please PRAY for my babies and me. We are about to board the place to California and there’s a homosexual female…

— Kathy Barnette (@Kathy4Truth) March 26, 2013

@WayneDupreeShow @smithkarl393 That’s the point. Many homosexuals LEAD with their sexual preference. Leave d immorality in their bedroom

— Kathy Barnette (@Kathy4Truth) July 2, 2015

Worth noting: Barnette talked derogatorily about Muslims, Islam and Obama in speeches as well, CNN reports.

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