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Even Al Sharpton Calls it a Border Invasion.

MSNBC host Al Sharpton acknowledged on Monday that illegal immigrants are invading the United States’ southern border. During an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Sharpton pressed Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) on Democrat efforts to pressure the Senate into passing the Ukraine/Border Security funding supplemental.

“You’re getting migrants beating up policemen in the streets of New York. You’re seeing an influx of migrants all over the country that frankly have people outraged,” Sharpton said before adding: “We’re looking every day at the invasion of migrants.”

Recent data shows that 65 percent, or almost a full two-thirds of Americans, say it is “very accurate” or “somewhat accurate” to describe the Biden-made crisis at the U.S. border as an “invasion” of the United States.

Sharpton, a one-time candidate for the Democrat presidential nomination, encouraged Sen. Murphy and his colleagues to back a public pressure campaign against Congressional Republicans to generate support for the supplemental funding deal. Released late on Sunday, the legislation has already drawn sharp criticism from many Senate Republicans and a handful of Democrats. In the House, Speaker Mike Johnson said the bill would “be dead on arrival.”

The Senate legislation, critics contend, does little to address border security and would hamper efforts by a future presidential administration to shut down the border. In addition, the deal has drawn criticism for expanding immigrant work visas and creating a fast-track asylum system — bypassing immigration courts. An estimated 5,000 illegal immigrants are released into the U.S. each week, a figure even acknowledged by the Biden Government.

Al Sharpton on the border: “We’re looking every day at the invasion of migrants.”

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) February 5, 2024

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