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Biden Officials Met With Far-Left ‘Abolish ICE’ Group Amid Border Crisis.

Last week, senior officials from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency held discussions with an activist group, the Detention Watch Network, which aims to abolish immigration detention in the United States. According to an ICE statement, this meeting — attended by three other left-leaning organizations — was part of a stakeholder gathering.

The meeting took place amidst the ongoing crisis at the southern border, which is seeing an unprecedented number of illegal border crossings. According to law enforcement, they have encountered over 5.5 million illegal aliens since President Joe Biden took office, with most of them being released into the country.

The Detention Watch Network is a leading force in attempts to ‘Abolish ICE.’ The federal agency claims the meeting aimed to create open communication lines with stakeholders regarding its operations. The Detention Watch Network has expanded beyond its activism and doled out hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to like-minded grassroots movements since 2022.

Immigrant deportations have seen a considerable drop since Biden assumed office. The Center for Immigration Studies estimates there’s been a 67 percent decrease in criminal aliens’ deportations and a 57 percent reduction in criminal illegal aliens’ arrests in comparison with the Trump era. Furthermore, there’s been a 26 percent decrease in sexual assault convicts’ deportations and a 17 percent drop in deportations for homicides.

The U.S. Senate has been engaged in protracted negotiations for a bipartisan deal projected to alleviate the southern border’s strain. However, the scant details that have become public have drawn ire from conservatives who point out that the presumed provisions do little to address the surge in illegal immigration into the United States.

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