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Man Whose Opinions Have Led to Nothing But Death and Misery Warns: ‘Trump Is Dangerous.’

War hawk John Bolton, who served as Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor from mid-2018 before being fired in 2019, has warned the “dangerous ideas” of his former boss “gravely threaten American security.”

“Mr. Trump’s most dangerous legacy is the spread of the isolationist virus in the Republican Party,” Bolton complained, in reference to conservatives’ increasing skepticism of “forever wars” overseas.

Bolton supported the Vietnam War — while avoiding serving in it — as a young man, and in politics paved the way for the Iraq War, argued against leaving Afghanistan, and lobbied for a regime change war in Iran and strikes on North Korea, among other neoconservative policies.

In terms of new conflicts Bolton wants the U.S. to be involved in, he argued the “most immediate crisis involves Ukraine,” insisting Trump was “a factor” in the current war despite Russia’s twin invasions of the country taking place in 2014, under the Obama-Biden government, and 2022, under the Biden-Harris government.

“An even greater danger is that Mr. Trump will act on his desire to withdraw from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization,” Bolton added, claiming the former president came “precariously close” to exiting NATO in 2018.

NATO is comprised largely of European states that do not meet their defense spending obligations, sheltering instead behind the U.S. military and using the savings to offer their citizens healthcare, maternity, and welfare benefits U.S. citizens do not receive.

Trump has long argued that his hard line on NATO forced European governments to spend more on defense, strengthening the alliance rather than weakening it.

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