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E. Jean Carroll Throws Rape Claim Victory Party With ‘Unbiased’ Reporters.

Donald Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll has been hailed as an “icon” at a media party in Manhattan, hosted by Rolling Stone editor-in-chief Noah Shachtman and MSNBC and Vanity Fair journalist Molly Jong-Fast.

Also in attendance at the ‘Flower Shop’ bar in the Lower East Side were MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell, Studio 360 host Kurt Andersen, former Saturday Night Live producer Marci Klein, Puck columnist Tara Palmeri, New York Times opinion columnist Lydia Polgreen, and Washington Post staff writer Sarah Ellison, according to Page Six.

“She looked like a hero. It’s great to see women winning the day,” said one unnamed eyewitness quoted by the New York Post. Another speculated the advice columnist “could buy the bar” after a New York court awarded her $83 million because Trump denied raping her in a luxury department store sometime in the 1990s.

Carroll has also said she will use the money to buy “premium dog food” and cause Trump “pain,” possibly by campaigning with Joe Biden for the 2024 election. She has cultivated a close relationship with journalists since commencing her lawsuits against the former president, which were funded by Democrat mega-donor Reid Hoffman.

Shortly after the most recent verdict in her favor, she appeared on MSNBC and offered to take host Rachel Maddow shoe shopping and buy her a penthouse. Trump does not have to pay Carroll until he exhausts his options to appeal.

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