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Home » TERROR WORKS!? – UK May Recognize ‘Palestinian State’ to Aid ‘Peace’ Talks.

TERROR WORKS!? – UK May Recognize ‘Palestinian State’ to Aid ‘Peace’ Talks.

Lord David Cameron, the Foreign Secretary and former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has discussed recognizing a Palestinian state with Arab diplomats — a move intended to pressure Israel into adopting a “two-state solution.”

“We should be starting to set out what a Palestinian state would look like — what it would comprise, how it would work,” he told the Conservative Middle East Council at a meeting in Parliament on Monday.

“As that happens, we, with allies, will look at the issue of recognizing a Palestinian state, including at the United Nations,” he continued, suggesting this “could be one of the things that helps to make this process irreversible.”

However, the United Nations’ involvement in the recognition of a Palestinian state is unlikely to be seen positively in Israel after it was revealed that members of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) took part in the October 7, 2023 terror attacks against Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also increasingly dismissive of a two-state solution, which the Joe Biden regime and the European Union favor. He argues Israel “must have security control over all the territory west of the Jordan” to be able to defend itself effectively — and that this “necessary condition… conflicts with the idea of [Palestinian] sovereignty.”

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