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Biden’s Approval Rating Among Young Voters Craters to 27 Percent.

Joe Biden’s approval rating has cratered among 18-29-year-olds. A key demographic for the Democrat in 2020, younger voters now give him one of the worst ratings of any cohort in the country, with 27 percent approving of his performance against 71 percent disapproving.

The President’s popularity among voters under 30 may have been damaged by his stance on the Israel-Hamas war. Members of his own government and campaign staff are in revolt over his position, with some penning an open letter warning it is “a moral and electoral imperative for [him] to publicly call for a cessation of violence” as “Biden for President staff have seen volunteers quit in droves.”

Black Americans, Biden’s other key demographic, also give the 81-year-old Democrat a slightly negative approval rating, with 48 percent approval versus 49 percent disapproval. He commanded 92 percent of the black vote in 2020.

This is still his strongest approval rating by ethnicity by far, however. Among Asians, his approval-to-disapproval rating is 39-59, while among Hispanics it is 32-65, scarcely better than his rating among whites, which stands at 30-68.

Biden enjoys a very slight net positive approval rating of 50-49 among those with postgraduate qualifications, but it collapses to 36-62 among regular college graduates. His rating among non-college graduates is dire, tying with his rating among 18-29-year-olds at 27-71.

Biden’s overall approval rating reached a high of 54 percent in early 2021 but dipped below 50 percent before the year was out and has never recovered. It currently stands at 33 percent approve, 65 percent disapprove.

Pew Research: Biden Job Approval

Approve: 33%
Disapprove: 65%

White: 30-68
Black: 48-49
Hispanic: 32-65
Asian: 39-59
Postgrad: 50-49
College grad: 36-62
No college: 27-71
Ages 18-29: 27-71

N=5,140 | January 16-21 | MoE: ±1.7%

— InteractivePolls (@IAPolls2022) January 26, 2024

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