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3,000+ Leftist Groups Involved in Anti-Trump Efforts.

A complex network of over 3,000 left-wing groups led by an organization called “Indivisible” is reportedly engaged in efforts to undermine the influence of former President Donald Trump. Investigative research conducted by Northeast Florida-based conservative grassroots activist Jessico Bowman hints at a well-coordinated movement to extricate Trump from his 2024 election bid backed by several anti-Trump organizations and charities managed by — or associated with — Indivisible.

Modeled after the conservative Tea Party moment, the group has worked to influence Democrat lawmakers at the state and national levels. They work to encourage Democrat office-holders to adopt increasingly radical talking points and actions to undermine Donald Trump and the MAGA movement’s policy agenda.

Bowman claims her research shows that Indivisible has exerted influence even over President Joe Biden. The group claims the 81-year-old Democrat has often used their talking points in the media.

Indivisible, previously known to have supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, has its stated mission as “remaking our democracy” and aims to “resist the Trump agenda.” The organization’s website indicates that it’s a “movement of thousands of group leaders and more than a million members” taking steps to oppose the GOP’s agenda, support local champions, and advocate for progressive policies.

The website also provides a map and a list of all affiliated organizations across the United States. Displaying over 3,000 group names, locations, and social media links, it offers users an insight into the extensive web of left-wing groups connected under the Indivisible umbrella. Since 2017, the group has received several million dollars in donations from George Sorosaffiliated foundations and PACs.

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