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Obama-Era Official Slams Biden Economy’s ‘Crappy Jobs.’

CNN commentator and former Obama official Van Jones panned President Joe Biden’s handling of the economy in an appearance on the news network on Tuesday, calling the jobs made available to the Black community “crappy.” Despite the Biden government touting improving employment numbers, Jones said “facts and feelings” among voters “are very different.”

“People keep telling me, ‘you’ve got great employment numbers in the Black community, and aren’t you happy?’ I’m like, yeah, but they’re crappy jobs,” Jones said.

The former Obama government official’s remarks come amidst President Biden’s push to boost support among Black voters. Recent polling numbers indicate a 57 percent disapproval of Biden’s handling of the economy and a 56 percent disapproval of his efforts to quell inflation. The polling data from Fox News also suggests a substantial decline in President Biden’s popularity amongst the Black community — with support declining 25 percent from 2021 to 2023.

Jones also warned that leaders in his political party are ignoring the border crisis to their peril. Democratic voters, particularly in New York City and other traditionally blue states, have begun to express concerns over the handling of immigration, which Jones described as “destabilizing” for the Democrat party’s internal politics.

Cumulative revisions to monthly jobs reports from January through November 2023 suggest that at least 443,000 fewer jobs were created in Joe Biden’s economy than the public was initially told.

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