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‘Wag the Dog’ Writer Says Trump the Best Prez Since Honest Abe.

Famed playwright and filmmaker David Mamet believes Donald Trump is the best president since Abraham Lincoln. Speaking with UnHerd, Mamet lauded the border stability, strong economy, and global peace the Trump presidency achieved.

“He brought peace to the Middle East. He closed the border. He made us an energy exporter,” Mamet said in an interview with the British website, continuing: “He had the best rating among African Americans of any president ever. And the country was at peace and prosperous in the world.”

Mamet defended Trump from critics who claim his brash New York style alienates voters. “He’s got a big mouth, so do I. The question is, who do you like in a fair fight with your back to the wall?” Mamet argued, adding: “Who would you rather have? Joe Biden, who’s a senile old bag-man, or Donald Trump, who’s a scrapper and loves his country?”

Modern Theater ‘Stinks’.

Once a staunch liberal, Mamet penned an essay in 2008 in The Village Voice entitled, “Why I Am No Longer a ‘Brain-Dead Liberal” — coming out as a political conservative. Mamet, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his play Glengarry Glen Ross, panned the modern theater industry. “The theatre is not only dead, it stinks,” he told UnHerd, blaming the political left’s embrace of censorship and ‘diversity and inclusion‘ for stifling creativity.

“Now we have political commissars who say, in addition to the Artistic Director, in addition to the Managing Director, we have to have a Director of Diversity, who’s on top of everything,” Mamet lamented, before adding: “And we’re all going to pay attention to this person who tells us, you don’t have enough black women in the play, or you don’t have enough trans people… If somebody’s not telling you a story, then that theatre stinks.”

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