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Gingrich: Trump is Next POTUS, ‘Get Over It.’

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich says he believes the Republican presidential primary is already over, with former President Donald Trump being the presumptive nominee. The Republican leader, writing for the U.K. newspaper The Telegraph, argues Trump’s back-to-back historic wins in Iowa and New Hampshire seal the deal in the nomination contest.

“The reality is that President Trump is going to be the Republican nominee. He leads in every state for the nomination, “Gingrich writes, before continuing: “He has the only nationwide organization that can mobilize in all 50 states. He is ahead nationally among Republicans with 63.1 percent of the vote. Elected Republicans are beginning to rush to endorse him.”

Gingrich goes on to warn that “Never-Trump Republicans and Trump-hating elite media won’t go down without a fight.” Instead, he argues, they will try to build Nimarata ‘Nikki’ Haley up as an alternative to Trump, hoping they can make her “a big enough star that she can carry her home state of South Carolina.”

Trump holds a commanding lead in recent polls of South Carolina primary voters. The former Speaker notes: “South Carolina is one of Trump’s strongest states and the Republican establishment in South Carolina deeply dislikes Haley. She is currently trailing Trump in the polls by a 30-point margin.”

“President Trump is the leader of a national movement,” he writes: “Leaders have a much deeper claim on the loyalty and affection of their supporters than mere candidates have.”

“Trump will be the Republican nominee — and from my view, he already is,” Gingrich concludes.

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