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AZ GOP Chairman Resigns After Kari Lake Bribery Recording.

Arizona Republican Party chairman Jeff DeWit resigned Wednesday following the release of an audio recording of his attempting to bribe Kari Lake to drop her bid for the U.S. Senate. In the recording, released Tuesday, DeWit informs Lake of financial benefits if she steps away from Arizona Republican politics for two years.  He also asks her if there is a dollar “number” for which she would end her Senate bid.

In his resignation letter, DeWit claimed Lake “selectively edited” the recording in a “deceptive” manner. He called the release of the audio a “betrayal of trust” and said he was merely “looking out for [Lake’s] financial interests.” According to DeWit, the conversation occurred while Lake worked for his company. He claims the recording and its release were “violation[s] of the fiduciary duties of an employee.”

DeWit said the secretly recorded conversation’s release was an “ethical breach” and “raises serious legal and moral concerns.” Arizona is a “one-party consent” state. Under state law, one may record a private conversation if they are party to and present for said discussion. It appears the recording and release of Lake’s conversation all fall perfectly within her rights under the law.

DeWit claims his resignation came only after being informed that additional recordings of his conversations with Lake existed. He claims he was told that the additional recordings would be released if he continued to remain in his role as GOP chairman.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Statement from Chairman @JeffDeWitAZ


— Arizona Republican Party (@AZGOP) January 24, 2024


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