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Kamala’s Own 2020 Campaign Staff Declare of VP: ‘This Person Should Not be President.’

A former staffer on Kamala Harris’s 2020 campaign has harsh words for the prospect of a Harris presidency: “This person should not be president of the United States,” said the staffer.

The blunt assessment of Harris is reported in the upcoming book The Truce: Progressives, Centrists and the Future of the Democratic Party, by Hunter Walker and Luppe B Luppen.

This isn’t the first time Harris, who has been plagued by accusations of toxic pettiness, ineptness, and dysfunction, has been criticized by former staffers.

“Game of Thrones,” were three words used by another staffer in the VP’s office to describe Kamala Harris’s management style, according to the book which will be published later this month. The book details in part the internal schisms created by Harris’s most loyal adherents and her detractors — including First Lady Jill Biden who reportedly pushed her husband not to select Harris as VP.

Former Harris staffers emphasized her inability to move beyond her personal narrative and discuss policy in concrete detail. Harris’s story of growing up the daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants is compelling, though as one staffer put it: “But you’ve got to back that up with: ‘What are you going to do?’”

Her lack of direction and rambling public speeches have made Harris a figure of derision among some Democrats and many Republicans. However, the VP has forged a tenuous political alliance with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, leading some to believe they’re eyeing a Harris-Buttigieg ticket for 2028.

Whether now in 2024 — should Joe Biden, 81, be forced to bow out due to declining health — or later in 2028, Harris appears determined to make another run for the White House. And despite her being deeply unpopular amongst voters — there may be little the Democrats can do to head off a Harris candidacy.

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