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John Kerry Quits White House Climate Envoy Job.

John Kerry, President Biden’s special envoy for climate, is planning to step down from the Biden regime by spring, as told by two people privy to his plans. Serving as the principal diplomat on climate change since 2021, Kerry’s primary role has been to persuade worldwide governments to significantly reduce their greenhouse emissions. During his tenure, he led the U.S. team at three UN climate summits, reestablishing American declinism after the U.S.’ withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement under the Trump administration.

Kerry also championed cooperation between the U.S. and the Chinese Communist Party.

Earlier this week, Kerry met with Joe Biden in the White House, informing the president of his intention to resign. His decision was relayed to his staff during an impromptu meeting on Saturday.

While no successor has been mentioned, Kerry has expressed his intention to leave in the coming months. He plans to attend the forthcoming World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The White House and Kerry have not responded to comment requests; Kerry’s plans were initially reported by Axios.

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