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China Stooges Lose Taiwan Election to Independence Stalwarts.

Vice President William Lai, the candidate of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has claimed victory in Taiwan’s presidential election. According to results from 95 percent of the polling stations, Lai holds an insurmountable lead over his closest competitor, Hou Yu-ih of the opposition Kuomintang party, who has reportedly conceded defeat.

Lai, who currently serves as Taiwan’s Vice President, has been a staunch advocate for Taiwan’s independence from China, rejecting President Xi Jinping’s territorial claims amidst increasingly hostile rhetoric.

Lai expressed his determination to safeguard Taiwan from ongoing Chinese threats and intimidation, insisting his government will aim to replace confrontation with dialogue in its exchanges with mainland China.

Chen Binhua, the PRC’s Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman, warned last Wednesday that if Taiwan’s governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) “continue[s] to stubbornly adhere to their Taiwan independence position… we support the relevant departments taking further measures in accordance with the regulations.”

Lai’s electoral success may incite tensions with China, which derided him as a dangerous separatist prior to the election and dismissed his calls for discussions. The DPP outrightly rejects the “one China principle”, considering Taiwan and Hong Kong indivisible parts of the country. Despite Taiwan’s independence since the 1940s, China persists in its claims over the island nation and its territories, and has threatened force to accomplish its objectives.

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