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SecDef Lloyd Austin Was In Hospital for Prostate Cancer, and Subsequent UTI.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was treated for prostate cancer last month, according to a statement from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Austin experienced complications from the procedure, which led to his hospitalization on New Year’s Day and subsequent failure to notify the White House and defense officials of his status.

Although the statement is the first official explanation of why Austin was in the hospital, it still does not explain the Defense Secretary’s failure to notify the proper authorities of his status.

“Changes in his laboratory evaluation in early December 2023 identified prostate cancer which required treatment,” the statement said. “On December 22, 2023, after consultation with his medical team, he was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and underwent a minimally invasive surgical procedure called a prostatectomy to treat and cure prostate cancer.”

On New Year’s Day, however, Austin was admitted to Walter Reed with complications from the December 22 procedure, including nausea and severe pain in his abdomen, hip, and leg, where he was found to have contracted a urinary tract infection (UTI) and impaired small intestine function due to fluid buildup.

“This resulted in the back up of his intestinal contents which was treated by placing a tube through his nose to drain his stomach. The abdominal fluid collections were drained by non-surgical drain placement,” according to the statement. “He has progressed steadily throughout his stay. His infection has cleared. He continues to make progress and we anticipate a full recovery although this can be a slow process. During this stay, Secretary Austin never lost consciousness and never underwent general anesthesia.”

The White House is currently reviewing Cabinet member protocol following the incident, while GOP Rep. Matt Rosendale will submit impeachment articles against Austin for “violat[ing] his oath of office time and time again, and has jeopardiz[ing] the lives of the American people.”

President Biden didn’t learn of @SecDef cancer diagnosis until TODAY. He learned of his diagnosis early Dec.

The two spoke on Saturday and Austin released a statement pledging transparency but in it, he did not share he had cancer.

— Kellie Meyer (@KellieMeyerNews) January 9, 2024

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