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Kamala Harris Bought THOUSANDS of Her Own ‘Signature Scent’ Candles As Gifts for Foreign Dignitaries.

Vice-President Kamala Harris has her very own personalized scent of candles, with up to 5,000 of them produced so far, according to her friend and candlemaker Melanie Apple Fields. The jasmine-scented candles even bear the seal of the Office of the Vice President and are often given as gifts to dignitaries, as well as special guests and friends of Harris. Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, and King Abdullah II of Jordan were reportedly given one of Harris’s scented candles as a gift.

Apple Fields, who owns the Voyage et Cie candle shop in Los Angeles, produces the gifts for the Vice-President. When Harris’s successor, Sen. Alex Padilla (D-CA), wanted to order 125 candles with the same “personalized” scent as Harris’s, Apple Fields contacted the Vice-President’s office for permission. According to the candlemaker, Harris’s office said the Senator was fine to produce his own, similar candle, but couldn’t copy the Vice-President’s “scent.”

“They’re just exclusively hers and they’re really beautiful looking,” Apple Fields said in a recent interview, revealing she’s sold “definitely over 2,000” candles to Harris, adding that number may top 5,000.

The L.A. creative also makes a “unique” candle for First Lady Jill Biden, again at taxpayer expense. For Sen. Padilla’s part, his office claims he was more interested in the candle’s “look” than the specific scent.

When asked during an interview if she would produce a “special” candle for former President Donald Trump, Apple Fields said she would not. “I think he’s a mean guy. I would do it for [Utah Sen.] Mitt Romney, but I wouldn’t do it for Trump. I have to like the person,” she said.

The Vice President apparently brought in Apple Fields to “scent” the Vice President’s Residence when she first took office and even had to be released from a non-disclosure agreement to discuss her candle work for Harris.

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