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WATCH: Trump Blasts Joe’s Valley Forge Speech as ‘Pathetic Fearmongering’.

Former President Donald Trump fired back at President Joe Biden on Friday, blasting his Democrat opponent’s Valley Forge speech as “pathetic fearmongering,” noting how Democrats refuse to deal with the policy issues plaguing America, instead focusing on smears and lies of Republicans and patriots.

Addressing a packed crowd in Sioux Center, Iowa, Trump noted how Biden has resorted to petty and personal attacks – like comparing the former President to Adolf Hitler — because Biden’s own record has been “an unbroken streak of weakness, incompetence, corruption, and failure.” 

Crooked Joe is staging his pathetic fear-mongering campaign event in Pennsylvania today… because he doesn’t want to talk about the border, or inflation, or Afghanistan, or all the chaos he has caused throughout the world,” Trump said, adding, “The only reason Biden is at Valley Forge abusing George Washington’s legacy to slander 75 million Americans is that he knows he can’t show his face at the Southwest Border, or in East Palestine, Ohio, or at the autoworkers’ factories in Michigan where he is destroying hundreds of thousands of jobs.”

The Biden government has continually dodged questions about the growing border crisis and concerns average Americans have over a sluggish economy. Throughout last year, Biden attempted to spin the economy as a positive, branding it “Bidenomics.” By the end of the year, however, Biden and his re-election campaign appear to have dumped the “Bidenomics” theme after it drew little enthusiasm from voters. Since then, the President has primarily resorted to distortions and personal attacks when addressing his opponent.

Crooked Joe cannot talk about a single issue that matters to hardworking Americans — because he has failed you and betrayed you on every single one,” Trump said, addressing the lack of substance in Biden’s Valley Forge speech. He continued: “Biden and the Radical Left Democrats lie about us because they know that Americans can’t stand the truth about THEM.”


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