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UK Election May Take Place Just 9 Days After America’s.

Britain’s general election is tipped to take place around November 14th, just nine days after the U.S. elections on November 5th.

UK elections do not fall on fixed dates. The Prime Minister — currently “Conservative” leader Rishi Sunak — is able to ask the Monarch to dissolve parliament and call fresh elections at any time within a period of five years.

Sunak has said his “working assumption is we’ll have a general election in the second half of this year.” The country’s top election commentator and pollster, Sir John Curtice, says “there is beginning to be a consensus it might be November 14th.”

“All the parties have decided to hold their party conferences rather early next Autumn. The Prime Minister will end the Conservative conference on October 2nd, that might be the starting gun,” he told the BBC.

As things stand, the Conservatives, or Tories, are expected to take a drubbing, with polls showing their support hovering around 25 percent. Boris Johnson, who led the Tories into the last election at the end of 2019, delivered their biggest parliamentary majority since the 1980s on a platform of completing Brexit, reducing immigration, and lowering taxes.

They have since squandered this support, however, leaving Brexit unfinished, wildly increasing legal immigration, allowing illegal immigration to surge, and pushing the tax burden to its heaviest since the Second World War.

The latest the British elections can be held is January 2025, but it is unlikely Sunak will delay the moment of decision this long, as it would require politicians to campaign through Christmas.

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