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A Hunter Biden Documentary is Being Produced by His So-Called ‘Sugar Brother’.

Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris, also known as Hunter Biden’s ‘sugar brother’, is reportedly working on a documentary about the president’s son. Morris got the bizarre nickname after donating millions to Biden, including a reported $2.8 million payment to cover his tax bill in an attempt to placate prosecutors. According to an IRS whistleblower, Biden received around $4.9 million from Morris in 2020, which was reportedly spent on housing, legal fees, car payments, and advisory fees. The loan reportedly carries interest and is to be repaid in 2025.

The documentary aims to present President Biden’s son as much more than the corrupt, drug- and prostitute-using mess portrayed in tabloid headlines. The narrative will reportedly focus on his artistic work, family life, and his struggle to maintain sobriety amidst serious criminal investigations.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Morris insists the infamous Hunter Biden laptop, the discovery of which precipitated Hunter’s current legal woes, was a ploy by a legally blind computer repairman to damage Biden and bolster former President Donald Trump’s campaign. Morris’s dealings with Hunter Biden were highlighted after IRS Agent Joseph Ziegler’s documentation revealing Morris’s monetary gifts to Biden was presented to the House Ways & Means Committee amidst Hunter’s tax evasion charges.

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