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Trump Rivals Will Spend Near $8M in Iowa Ads in Next 12 Days.

With just under two-weeks to go until the Iowa Republican Caucus the campaigns and supporting SuperPACs are flooding the state’s airwaves making their last-ditch pitch to voters. A total of around $7.5 million will be spent in these closing days, with former-South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s making up a bulk of the ad spending with $4.6 million in air-time reserved.

SFA Fund (Pro-Haley SuperPAC): $3.3 million
Haley campaign committee: $1.3 million
Trump campaign committee: $954k
Fight Right (Pro-DeSantis SuperPAC): $705k
Good Fight (Pro-DeSantis SuperPAC): $609k
DeSantis campaign committee: $412.5k
Binkley campaign committee: $176k
Ramaswamy campaign: $29k

Former Governor Haley’s recent surge in polls have kicked off a close fight for second place in Iowa. The Republican presidential nomination front-runner, former President Donald Trump, continues to maintain a strong first place position.

The Haley campaign and its affiliated SuperPAC has blanketed Iowa with ads primarily focused on her electability versus President Joe Biden. Several recent polls show Haley and Trump are the only two Republicans capable of defeating the incumbent Democrat. In addition, the SFA Fund is also airing ads attacking Gov. DeSantis – who has polled a weak second place position in Iowa. One recent SFA Fund ad compared DeSantis to a dumpster fire.

Both Haley and DeSantis’s closing argument in Iowa has been a mixed of positive messaging for their candidacy and attacks on each other. The pro-DeSantis Fight Right SuperPAC has highlighted Haley’s positive comments towards China. The DeSantis campaign itself – strapped for cash and only recently going up on air in Iowa – has primarily focused its ad on Iowa Gov. Kim Reynold’s endorsement of DeSantis, as well as an emotion ad featuring Casey DeSantis talking about her husband.

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