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POISONING THE BLOOD: $10.2M of Meth & Coke Seized at US Border.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has seized 854.07 pounds of crystal methamphetamine, 164.72 pounds of powdered methamphetamine, or speed, and 165.34 pounds of cocaine at the World Trade Bridge in Laredo, Texas.

The narcotics, with an estimated street value of $10,298,520, were uncovered when a CBP officer brought in sniffer dogs to inspect a 2001 Freightliner tractor-trailer, which was supposedly transporting cut flowers.

“CBP is proud of the work our frontline officers do to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our communities. This significant seizure is an example of ongoing operational efforts conducted daily to protect our borders,” commented Port Director Alberto Flores.

The drugs find lends credence to Donald Trump’s warning, first reported by The National Pulse, that America’s southern border crisis is “poisoning the blood of our country.”

While the former president’s enemies have tried to paint the comments as racial, allies such as Senator J.D. Vance have pointed out it is “obvious that he was talking about the very clear fact that the blood of Americans is being poisoned by a drug epidemic.”

The 45th President also highlighted the danger illegal immigration poses to public health in terms of disease, with border officials having already identified the likes of tuberculosis, syphilis, and dengue fever among illegal aliens.

The enormous scale of the border crisis is straining officials’ resources at the frontier, making it less likely drugs shipments like the one intercepted at Laredo will be discovered.

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