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WaPo Claims Borders Are Bad for National Security.

The Washington Post is pushing a bizarre new theory which argues national borders are, in fact, bad for national security. Catherine Rampell, a columnist with the Jeff Bezos-owned newspaper, deployed twisted logic to conclude Republican efforts to end America’s mass immigration crisis would actually make the situation worse.

“What does safeguarding national security have to do with curbing immigration?” she asks herself, before answering, incorrectly: “For the most part, not much. But they are related in the sense that the measures Republicans want would undermine U.S. security.”

According to the liberal-left columnist, limiting President Biden’s power to grant asylum and mass-parole to illegal immigrants “undermines U.S. security” since it would essentially revive Title 42 – a pandemic measure which required asylum seekers to remain in Mexico pending adjudication of their claims.

Rampell even disingenuously implies Title 42 is responsible for the increased chaos at the border, when in reality, it was the Biden government’s decision to allow the measure to expire which drove the throngs of foreigners to the border. She goes on to conflate U.S. national security with Joe Biden’s campaign promises, lamenting, “[a]greeing to these measures would violate Biden’s 2020 campaign promises to restore integrity and humanity to the asylum system — promises he has arguably already been reneging on.”

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